ASI-Tank-ServicesOur special services include tank installation, repair and removal. We are skilled in making modifications or repairs to existing tanks, as well as removing or relocating pre-owned structures. Existing tanks can be disassembled and reassembled with new gaskets and hardware. This process provides a cost effective alternative to new tanks and prolongs the life span of the structure.

ASI Tank has all the equipment and tools to handle your structure erection from start to finish. Footings for concrete work, jacks for tank erection and rig set up. ASI Tank has experience with rotary distributors, sprinklers, filter tanks and media tanks.


Wanblee North Reservoir #1, Oglala, SD (2)

Keever Buttes, Bismarck, ND (34)




Concrete Work
Concrete Work - ASI TankConcrete Work- ASI Tank

Roof/Floor Installation
Roof/Floor Install - ASI TankRoof-Floor Install - ASI Tank

ASI Tank is able to provide all the           concrete work your project requires.        Speed up your project with an experienced crew from ASI Tank. We have installed footings, walls, floors, and grade beam foundations.Sara Lee, Hillshire Branch, Traverse City, MI (8)

ASI Tank has experience with all types and sizes of structure roofs. From large industrial aluminum domes covers to silo roofs, we are skilled at assembling and installing:

  • Roofs (flat-style, knuckle-style, or pitched)
  • Aluminum geodesic domes
  • Roof vents
  • Roof hatches
  • Aeration floors

Appurtenances Installation
3c417f_767cd582751947e6a34433f391caee62Appurtenances Installation Appurtenances Installation

Equipment Handling
Equipment Handling - ASI TankEquipment Handling - ASI Tank

ASI Tank has experience installing many accessories for your structure:

  • Manways for roofs or tank sidewalls
  • Catwalks, Ladders, Cages
  • Step-off platforms
  • Exterior web trusses
  • Level indicators
  • Heaters, Baffle walls, Angle stiffeners
  • Spiral stairways
  • Styles over containment walls
  • Bridges for mixers
  • Weirs, both internal and external
  • Insulation packages
  • Anti-vortex plates
ASI Tank has a knowledgeable and  dependable crew experienced with                 the equipment needed to complete             your projects. From rigging and setting           up machinery, to moving equipment,             ASI Tank provides a worry free project environment.

Structure Removal
ASI Tank Structure Removal ASI Tank Structure Removal

Tank Repair

Sprung a leak? ASI Tank is your tank/silo repair expert. Whether it’s damage from natural causes (or not so natural) or resealing your glass to steel fused structure, we can get you back to “holding” your own in no time. Call and schedule your tank inspection today.

ASI Tank can remove your old or damaged structures, and rest assured, we have experience….and insurance! From your everyday farm silo to the more extensive media tank removal, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure the integrity of the surroundings.

We take pride in leaving a clean, debris free, job site.